Prani Glow Day Spa

Vitality package

$300 per person

Discover the secret elixir to vitality. The specialized massage performed by our therapists supports your body’s natural detoxification process, renews your energy and boosts your recovery and healing.

Immerse yourself in pure bliss as you experience the combined benefits of a lymphatic facial treatment with Crystal Guasha sweeper, roller, lymphatic drainage vitality massage, and the soothing warmth of being cocooned in our infrared sauna blanket. Let us envelop you in an experience that nurtures body, mind, and soul, guiding you toward profound relaxation, detoxification, and radiant beauty.

Prani Lymphatic Drainage Vitality Massage Relish in the divine touch of our Lymphatic Drainage Vitality Massage. Designed to assist your body’s lymphatic system and promote a sense of profound relaxation. As you lay embraced in an infrared cocoon, our skilled therapists will perform gentle, rhythmic strokes to encourage lymph flow, improving detoxification, reducing inflammation, and melting away stress.

Lymphatic Facial with Infrared Blanket Cocoon Surrender yourself to the expert hands of our spa therapists as they deliver a personalized Lymphatic Drainage Facial. Each step is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, smooth, detoxify and deeply nourish your skin. Experience the gentle yet powerful techniques. Your skin will thank you as it begins to reveal its natural luminosity and reduce puffiness. To add to your indulgence you will be cocooned in the comforting warmth of our infrared blanket while receiving your facial. Amplifying the benefits and enhancing your relaxation.

Infrared Blanket Therapy (optional) Experience the soothing embrace of our Infrared Blanket enveloping you in gentle radiant warmth. This innovative technology utilities infrared waves to penetrate deep into your body, promoting detoxification, easing muscle tension, enhancing recovery, improving quality of sleep and fostering a profound sense of tranquility. The combination of the infrared blanket cocoon and lymphatic facial creates a harmonious synergy, allowing your body and skin to experience optimal rejuvenation.

Approximately 2 hours  $300 per person

Add-on options:

  • 15 minute Foot ritual $55
  • 15 minute Mini Facial $55
  • 15 minute Dry body exfoliation to enhance the lymphatic flow $55
  • Aromatherapy oil to enhance the result (no extra time require) $35
  • Scalp massage with exotic hair serum (no extra time require) $35
  • 15 minute Cocooned in an Infrared Sauna Blanket $65


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