Prani Glow Day Spa

Rebalance: 60-Minute Javanese Lymphatic Abdominal massage

$170 per person

Experience the epitome of holistic rejuvenation with our exclusive Javanese Abdominal Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Combined session – a fusion of ancient traditions and modern techniques meticulously curated to unlock your body’s innate healing ability.

Javanese abdominal massage techniques aim to improve digestion, reduce bloating and promote overall well-being. The technique incorporates gentle and rhythmic strokes that can help relax the body, reduce stress, and promote a sense of calmness.

When the digestive system is functioning optimally, it can help to reduce the appearance of a bloated or distended stomach, making the abdominal muscles appear more toned and defined. Additionally, Javanese abdominal massage can help to reduce stress, which can have a positive impact on overall health.

Javanese Abdominal Massage steeped in centuries-old tradition, focuses on the vital energy flow within the abdominal region. This exquisite technique works on balancing the body’s chi flow, releasing blockages, and fostering a profound sense of well-being. Feel the waves of relaxation sweep through you as our expert therapists apply gentle yet targeted movements to ease digestive discomfort, reduce tension, and encourage a harmonious equilibrium within.

Enhancing this experience are the rhythmic methods of lymphatic drainage, a revered practice celebrated for its detoxifying  effects. Embrace the comforting cadence of adept hands, as lymphatic drainage procedures invigorate lymphatic flow, expel toxins, and encourage cellular revitalization.

The fusion of Javanese Abdominal Massage and Lymphatic Drainage not only opens the door to heightened natural healing prowess but also imparts a sense of revitalization, lightness, and profound invigoration.

Approximately 1 hour $170 per person

Add-on options:

  • 15 minute Foot ritual $55
  • 15 minute Mini Facial $55
  • 15 minute Dry body exfoliation to enhance the lymphatic flow $55
  • Aromatherapy oil to enhance the result (no extra time require) $35
  • Scalp massage with exotic hair serum (no extra time require) $35
  • 15 minute Cocooned in an Infrared Sauna Blanket $65


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