Prani Glow Day Spa

Our Donations

Living a meaningful life : At Prani Glow Day Spa, your booking becomes a light of hope and transformation.

With each treatment you book, we pledge to contribute a dollar to worthy charities in Thailand. From providing food, shelter, and economic independence through social enterprise projects to aiding animal shelters and supporting medical care for those in need, our commitment knows no bounds.

Since December 2020, we’ve been extending our hand to those facing challenges. Some recipients have battled serious medical conditions, and our support has eased their burdens. We also contribute directly to Elephant rehabilitation centres, ensuring our impact is direct and meaningful.

Rooted in Thai values, our “Buun” (บุญ) philosophy drives us. When you choose us, you’re not just indulging in self-care; you’re contributing to positive change. Together, even the smallest actions create a wave of transformation. Join us at Prani Glow Day Spa in making the world a better place, one booking at a time.

Ruamkatanyu Foundation

Ruamkatanyu Foundation Ruamkatanyu Foundation, established in 1959 and registered as a legal entity on 22 June 1970. The main mission of the foundation is to

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