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Friends of Asian Elephants Foundation/ World first Elephant Hospital

Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE), nurtures elephants that have been injured by stepping on landmines, involved in traffic accidents, have fallen sick or have been abused by humans. All elephants brought to the hospital are treated entirely by funds donated to the foundation. Since its inception in 1993 FAE has treated over 4,000 cases at the hospital as well as through its Mobile Vets Project, which provides medical needs when elephants are unable to travel to the hospital. The hospital sees over a dozen outpatients per month, but is also the permanent home to five residents, including Mosha, the world’s first elephant to have been fitted with a prosthetic leg and the inspiration behind Elephant Parade. Elephant Parade has pledged to support Friends of the Asian Elephants for the duration of Mosha’s hopefully long, healthy and happy life.