Prani Glow Day Spa

Prani Glow’s Signature Thai Foot Ritual

$160 per person

Embark on a journey of pure rejuvenation with Prani Glow’s iconic Thai-inspired foot massage. Immerse yourself in a tranquil experience that revitalizes your entire being, from the tips of your toes to the depths of your soul.

  • Grounding Foot Soak and Exfoliation Ritual: Transition into tranquillity as your feet are gently immersed in a warm, grounding foot bath. Allow the cares of the world to dissolve as our signature scrub unveils soft, renewed skin.
  • Clay Cocoon with Essential Oils: Experience a cocoon of calmness as your feet are enveloped in a clay wrap infused with essential oils. Detoxify and soothe, while a serene state of being emerges.
  • Soothing Scalp and Hand Massage: As the clay works its magic, surrender to the soothing touch of a scalp and hand massage, releasing tension and inviting relaxation.
  • Thai-Inspired Foot and Lower Leg Massage: Open your energy channels with a Thai-inspired foot and lower leg massage. Through pressure points on your feet, rejuvenation flows and energy is revitalised.
  • Reawakening Sip: Conclude your journey with a reawakening sip of herbal tea or our mineral water, leaving you refreshed and in harmony.

Approximately  60 minutes – $160 / person


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