Prani Glow Day Spa

Men’s tune up

$315 per person

Unwind and renew with our comprehensive package designed to invigorate your body and refresh your spirit. Your journey begins with a grounding foot ritual, and then a vigorous dry body exfoliation, liberating you from accumulated tension and stress. Feel the weight melt away, making space for ultimate relaxation with Men’s facial..

  •     Grounding foot ritual (foot soak, scrub, massage)
  •     Shed accumulated tension and stress through a vigorous dry body exfoliation.
  •     Experience the sensation of fresh, rejuvenated skin with the touch of hot towels.
  •     Drift into relaxation with a personalised 75-minute massage, expertly easing away stress.
  •     Recharge your skin’s vitality with a specialised men’s facial treatment. Leave with renewed energy, a glowing complexion, and a deep sense of well-being.

Approximately 2 hours 15  minutes $315 / person


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