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Our Special Packages offer a range of blissful selections or creation of your own indulgence to spoil yourself and your love ones with our organic and natural products and treatments. 

Add-ons for your ultimate experience

(These add-on choices are not a stand alone treatment)

GLOW WITH AN ORGANIC FACIAL TREATMENT WHILE WRAPPED IN OUR INFRARED SAUNA BLANKET                                             $95    Mini facial treatment – including organic facial cleansing, facial massage with elixir oil and purity clay mask then completed with light moisturiser. Enjoy your facial treatment while we cocoon you in our infrared sauna blanket, confirmed by many clients to help detoxify the body, make your skin glow and soften, while assisting weight loss.

+30 minutes

WRAPPED IN OUR INFRARED SAUNA BLANKET                         $50   Enjoy your treatment while we cocoon you in our infrared sauna blanket, confirmed by many clients to help detoxify the body, improve quality of your sleep,  make your skin glow and soften, while assisting weight loss. - no extra time required

MINI ORGANIC HEALING FACIAL TREATMENT                           $55

Mini facial treatment – including organic facial cleansing, facial massage with elixir oil and purity clay mask then completed with light moisturiser.

+20 minutes


Mini Thai-inspired foot massage with organic balm or moisturiser including foot soak and exfoliation.

+20 minutes

SCALP MASSAGE WITH PRANI GLOW EXOTIC HAIR SERUM FOR BEAUTIFUL LUSTEROUS HAIR                                                         $25    Scalp massage and Prani glow exotic hair serum (black sesame oil, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil and Ylang-Ylang)-no extra time required

ADD EXOTIC HAIR SERUM TO TAKE HOME (30ml)                      $55                 

UPGRADE to AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE with TAKE HOME CERTIFIED ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL                                            $25

Peace, Harmony, Heart-warming, Thai mountain lime or Inspiration (take home your selection). -no extra time required


Applying Thai herbal balm from the ancient recipe of Thai traditional well-being wisdom can smoothly melt your muscle tension away. Take home a compact bottle as well. Our balms are made by traditional herbalist in a small village in Thailand. -no extra time required

For firm pressure massage experience -no extra time required.

Your Special Packages

Spring Detox

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the flowers are beginning to bloom. Spring is upon us and thus also a rebirth from the cold long Winter. The specially designed detox treatment is here to help your body and mind make the gentle transition from the Winter cold to flourish into the new Spring.

  • Your treatment begins with organic herbal tea upon your arrival. 
  • A gentle head and hand massage relaxes your body and mind,
  • followed by a vigorous dry body exfoliation. Letting go of all built up tension and stress.
  • Hot towels remove any dead skin, creating a feeling of freshness
  • In readiness for massage with nourishing organic moisturiser.
  • And then your face is gently pampered with a rejuvenating botanical facial. 

Add: Scalp massage with exotic hair serum or mist to complete your journey- upgrade available for only $25

Approximately 2 hours $ 275 / person or $545 per couple

Purity Body Ritual - release your inner butterfly

A purifying treatment is just the ticket to undo and reverse the effects of summer. While nothing can turn back time,or even stop it, a purifying treatment can certainly help diminish the ravages of summer, and there’s nothing like a little healthy indulgence to lighten and refresh the soul, and cheer the spirit. Treat your body to a refreshing, detoxifying treatment perfect for the change from Spring to Summer, or for any time of year. The two hour journey to a fresher, healthier you starts with tea on arrival.

  • Soak your cares away with a foot bath, and let the essential oils and salt scrub detoxify and purify from the feet up.
  • Follow this with a relaxing head massage
  • Dry body exfoliation to remove dead skin and stimulate blood and lymph flow
  • Hot towels to refresh the skin and prepare for
  • Whole body Massage with nourishing body butter
  • Complete the experience with your Siam revival facial treatment

Leave feeling good from head to toe, and with a body free from summer damages and stresses.You’ll feel lighter, cleaner, and ready to face it all again

Approximately 2  hours $ 275 / person or $545 / couple

Mind Soothing

Start off your summer the right way this year with the traditional Southern sea oil massage, used to replenish your body and mind of all life’s stressors and breathe life for strength and prosperity into oneself. Your body is revived with the soft and blissful scalp massage letting go of any and all built up tensions to let your body’s energy flow. Following your scalp massage you will have a dry body exfoliation releasing any blocked pores bringing any old dead skin or toxins left in the skin and letting them go and leaving behind a more fresh younger you. The sensation of the hot towels awakens your body leaving you warm and lightened. Your body is then laid out and soaked in extra virgin coconut and apricot kernel oil nourishing and rejuvenating the skin in our dry climate and finally undergo 60 minutes of a relaxation massage creating the sense of reawakening and refreshness.

  • Scalp massage
  • Dry body exfoliation
  • Hot towels for your whole body
  • Relaxation massage

Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes $220/ person, or $435 per couple

Deva rejuvenating cocoon ritual: Ritual of Angel

A holistic body cocoon utilising the power of pure floral oil infusions and nurturing Infrared Sauna Blanket to bring you ultimate well-being ready for colder months.

Begin your journey with a grounding foot bath and exfoliation. Using our own special essential oil blends to bring back your balance. Therapeutic dry body exfoliation will prepare your skin for the warmth of our exotic healing oils. Together with Thai flower extracts such as lotus, jasmine and other flowers. This will deeply soothe and rejuvenate your skin.

Warm oil rhythmically smoothed into your skin from head to toe, alternated with a healing massage, and then being cocooned in Infrared Sauna blanket. This will enhance your skin to absorb the healing benefits of our Thai flower infused oil and detoxify your body at the same time. Followed by a meditative facial treatment and scalp massage to create deep relaxation. You are then gently unwrapped, awakening to nourished skin and a mind at balance.

  • Grounding foot ritual
  • Dry body exfoliation
  • Warm healing body cocoon in Infrared sauna blanket
  • Holistic massage
  • Meditative facial treatment
  • Complimentary light refreshment after session

Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes $ 375 / person or $745 per couple

Heart- Warming Holistic Treatment

Begin with herbal tea on your arrival while you're selecting your favourite Prani glow's essential oil to accompany your treatment, then followed by relaxing head massage, heart-warming massage with Prani glow’s essential oil of your choice and Siam revival Facial to complete your blissful journey. This treatment is designed to de-stress your mind and body with smooth rhythmic strokes and concentrates on easing nervous tension by stimulating your blood and lymphatic circulation. Our vitamin- enriched organic massage oil combining the Prani glow’s essential oil will repair your skin and re-balance your well-being.

  • Herbal tea on your arrival
  • Scalp massage with exotic hair serum (optional)
  • Whole body Aromatherapy massage with your favourite Prani glow's essential oil
  • Siam Revival Facial
  • Take home essential oil of your choice

Approximately 2  hours  $ 275 / person or $545 / couple

Siam Harmony

  • Thai-inspired foot treatment including grounding foot ritual (foot soak, exfoliation and massage)
  • Organic facial  treatment

Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes $220 / person

Siam Healing Massage Package

Let our special Thai Flower Essence infused in extra virgin coconut and camellia oil nourish your skin. The high Vitamin E, Capric /Caprylic/Lauric acid in coconut oil enable your skin to maintain its moisture balance, increase firmness, slow down the aging process and heal blemishes. The goodness of the oils combined with our experienced massage therapists will blissfully bring back your youthful skin.

  • Whole body Healing Massage with Thai flower infused oil
  • Scalp massage with Thai exotic hair serum to compliment your healing experience.

Approximately 1 hours 30 minutes $195 / person or $385/ couple