Prani Glow Day Spa

Siam Mother Earth Ritual

$335 per person

Celebrate the incredible journey of motherhood with our specially curated experience, designed to honour both the expectant mother and the new life blossoming within. Indulge in a symphony of relaxation, beginning with a Thai-inspired foot ritual,  followed by a nurturing pregnancy massage and concluding with the Siam Restoring Facial Treatment.

  • Thai-Inspired Foot Ritual: Commence your experience with the indulgence of a Thai-inspired foot ritual, featuring a soothing foot soak, gentle foot scrub, and a rejuvenating foot massage. Let your journey to relaxation commence from the very foundation.
  • Pregnancy Massage with Professional Cushions: Surrender to the soothing touch of our skilled therapists, as they guide you on a journey of comfort and relaxation. Our specialised pregnancy cushions ensure your absolute ease, enveloping you in serenity.
  • Siam Restoring Facial Treatment: Conclude your experience by immersing yourself in the Siam Restoring Facial. Let the rejuvenating power of our certified organic facial products restore your natural radiance, leaving you glowing with the anticipation of new life.


Approximately 2 hour 15 minutes – $335 / person


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