Prani Glow Day Spa

Prani Glow Tint

$165 per person

Your Treatment Overview:

Transform your eyes with our enduring professional tints, enhancing both lashes and brows for a striking and beautiful look. Bid farewell to smudged mascara with our expert therapists delicately tinting your lashes to a deeper shade, creating the illusion of length and volume. Your brows will gain a fuller, more defined appearance, with results that last for an impressive 3–6 weeks.

Your Experience:

Our skilled therapists employ a special dye, typically in dark brown, black or blue-black, to achieve darker lashes that enhance drama without the need for mascara. When it comes to eyebrows, we carefully select a tint shade that complements and defines your natural shape, giving you the perfect appearance of luxuriously thick brows and lashes.

Your Initial Consultation:

Every appointment includes a thorough professional consultation with your qualified therapist, ensuring a personalised approach that addresses your specific needs and concerns.


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