Prani Glow Day Spa

Paradise of Touch

$425 per person

Begin with a calming foot soak ritual to release swelling and water retention with natural salt scrub and Thai-inspired foot massage. Followed by a vigorous dry body exfoliation, letting go of all built up tension and stress. And then hot towels therapy to remove any dead skin cells, creating a feeling of freshness and revealing your glowing skin again. After the hot refreshing towels your whole body is enjoyed a head to toe relaxation massage. Beautifully complete your paradise with our meditative facial treatment.

  •     Your treatment begins with organic herbal tea upon your arrival.
  •     Grounding foot ritual with Thai-inspired foot treatment (soak, salt scrub and foot massage including lower legs)
  •     Dry body exfoliation to remove dead skin and stimulate blood and lymph flow
  •     Hot towels to refresh the skin and prepare for
  •     Whole body relaxation massage
  •    Your Siam revival facial treatment
  •     Complimentary light refreshment (cheeses, dips, dried fruits, nuts and biscuits) after session

Add: Scalp massage with exotic hair serum to complete your journey- upgrade available for only $35

Approximately 3 hours $425/ person



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