Prani Glow Day Spa

Heart Warming Holistic Treatment

$290 per person

Begin with herbal tea on your arrival (upon your request) while you’re selecting your favourite Prani glow’s essential oil to accompany your treatment, then followed by relaxing head massage, heart-warming massage with Prani glow’s essential oil of your choice and Siam revival Facial to complete your blissful journey. This treatment is designed to de-stress your mind and body with smooth rhythmic strokes and concentrates on easing nervous tension by stimulating your blood and lymphatic circulation. Our vitamin- enriched organic massage oil combining the Prani glow’s essential oil will repair your skin and re-balance your well-being.

  • Select your Prani glow’s essential oil upon your arrival
  • Whole body Aromatherapy massage with your favourite Prani glow’s essential oil
  • Siam Revival Facial
  • Take home essential oil of your choice

Add: Scalp massage with exotic hair serum to complete your journey- upgrade available for only $35

Approximately 2  hours  $ 290 / person


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