Prani Glow Day Spa

Glowing Life

$245 per person

Your blissful experience begins with a nourishing whole body exfoliation, followed by the soothing touch of refreshing hot towels. And complete with nurturing pregnancy massage to be using  professional pregnancy cushions.


  • Dry Body Exfoliation: Your journey begins with our soothing dry body exfoliation, carefully designed to help you let go of tension and stress. Experience the blissful sensation as layers of stress melt away, leaving you feeling light and rejuvenated.
  • Hot Towels: Transition into pure comfort as the warm embrace of hot towels envelops you. These towels gently remove any lingering dead skin, leaving you with a renewed feeling of freshness.
  • Nurturing Pregnancy Massage: Our pregnancy massage, supported by specialised cushions, is the heart of this experience. With a focus on your comfort, relaxation, and the unique needs of pregnancy, this massage nurtures your body and spirit.


Approximately  1 hour 30  minutes – $245 / person


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