Prani Glow Day Spa

Earth Healing

$300 per person

Carved and moulded by millennia and the forces of nature, our stones carry the power to dissolve tension and soothe bodily discomfort. As they infuse warmth into your being, a unique sense of relaxation will envelop you, unlike any you’ve encountered.

Prani glow’s hot stone massage, thoughtfully designed, will gently thaw your muscles, unfurling knots of stress, and allowing tension to dissipate. Coupled with our meticulously curated organic massage oils and skincare concoctions in your facial treatment, the result is a transformative experience that leaves you both looking and feeling a state of pure bliss.

  • Whole body Volcanic Stone Massage
  • Your Siam revival facial treatment
  • Foot Stone Massage, optional

Approximately 2 hours $300/ person



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