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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Prani glow is Mettā (Thai word derived from Pali) which means loving-kindness and compassion. This philosophy is subtly infused in all our treatments and how we serve you as the most important person.

Our treatments are based on the principles of rest, relaxation and improvement. Our selection includes signature massages inspired by the finest Thai traditions –ranging from gentle and relaxing to therapeutic, invigorating and revitalising.

Our space has been carefully designed for maximal relaxation. When stepping into our treatment room, you will leave your day to day stress and tensions behind.

Our commitment to beauty and wellbeing is to solely use natural, ethical products for spa therapy. Prani Glow’s signature products are made from natural, sustainable, organic herbal ingredients. They contain no harmful or harsh chemicals and are not tested on animals. This ensures the uncompromised quality and effectiveness of our treatments.

At Prani Glow, we are continuously refining and developing our products and services for the best possible clientele experience.

Prani glow founder

Our Founder


Born in Thailand, Mannie is a qualified and experienced massage therapist. She has several years of experience in massage therapy, including  traditional Thai , hot stone and remedial massage as well as Thai ancient postnatal holistic therapy. She also practises spa therapy and has over the years mastered the use of Thai herbs in her treatments. Her other qualifications include:
•Traditional Thai post- natal treatments, or Yoo fai, which are fantastic for restoring and maintaining a mother’s overall state of physiological, emotional and spiritual well-being
•Traditional Thai herbal compress treatments
•Traditional Thai herbal foot treatments

Mannie travels to Asia every year to broaden her knowledge of the traditional wisdom of herbal healing treatments, including the cultivation, processing and use of traditional herbs.

My passion is to provide the best massage and treatment, in a tranquil and relaxing space, using the best organic products and herbs available.

“Bringing the wisdom of South East Asian herbal healing treatments allows me to nurture and care for my clients in a holistic manner.”

Our Therapists

Our spa therapists are qualified, professional and caring with extensive experience and knowledge in massage and well-being.

We invite you to visit Prani Glow to enjoy the peaceful ambiance and experience the calming touch of our sincere therapists.

Thai words used in our treatments

PRANI    –  ปราณี – Life force/ energy of life

GAYA     –  กายา – Physical body

PAKTRA  – พักตรา – Face

AKKANI  – อัคนี – Stone/ Rock