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Lymphatic Detox Massage to Fight Off Cellulite and Aging.


‘Cellulite’, and ‘aging’, words that strike fear and dread into the hearts of many women.   Cellulite occurs in most postpubescent women, a review gives a prevalence of 85 to 98%. Cellulite is the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue that manifests topographically as skin dimpling and nodularity, often on the pelvic region, lower limbs, and abdomen. It can result from a complex combination of factors ranging from hormones to heredity.  It gives skin a dimpled, or orange-peel like appearance, and is universally despised and feared by women of all ages.

However, contrary to popular myth, it is reversible, but not with creams or pills.  This is because it occurs beneath the skin, and is not the skin itself. An active lifestyle and good diet can help prevent or reduce cellulite, as can lymphatic detox massage.

Cellulite occurs in both slim and not so slim women, which indicates that it is not caused by fat cells alone, but rather a combination of fat cells, fluids and toxins. It is for this reason that lymphatic detox drainage, which gently stimulates the removal of these unwanted materials from the body, through the lymphatic system, and eventually out through the urine. Regular exercise has the same stimulating effect on the lymphatic system, but is not always possible in this modern, activity sparse world.

By stimulating our Lymphatic system and circulation and preventing a buildup of wastes and toxins, either through exercise or lymphatic detox massage, we can actually reduce the bumpy look of cellulite that often appears under the surface of the skin.

The benefits don’t end there, in addition to the health benefits of having a body free of stagnant fluid and toxic cellular by-products and waste, our skins look fresher, smoother, and less puffy and sallow.  Certain toxins in the skin can cause wrinkling and damage to skin cells, and their removal can only improve the skin’s appearance, and allow the skin to look it’s best.

Lymphatic detox massage is gaining recognition for not only its health benefits, but also for aesthetic benefits, decreasing the ugliness of cellulite, and unnecessary signs of aging.  What’s more, it’s much safer than surgery, cheaper and less dangerous than implants or potentially harmful botox. Gentle and hypnotically soothing, it’s also enjoyable and relaxing, a real ‘magic bullet’ for so many health and beauty solutions.

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