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With Valentine’s Day so close, romance and looking after yourself and your partner are on the minds of so many of us.

Of course, it’s not just on Valentine’s Day that we should consider introducing a little more romance into our lives. Studies have shown that many romantic gestures and actions such as holding hands, looking into your partner’s eyes, moonlit strolls, and sharing new experiences help to release hormones such as oxytocin into the bloodstream, which in turn leads to an increase in dopamine levels.

These hormones are incredibly important in maintaining a high quality of life, general health, mental and emotional fitness, and a general sense of happiness and well-being.  Oxytocin increases trust, helps strengthen emotional bonds between couples, reduces anxiety, increases wound healing, and reduces inflammation.  Low dopamine levels can lead to a lack of motivation, fatigue, addictive behaviour, mood swings, feelings of hopelessness, memory loss, sleep problems, and apathy. All of this equals a drop in the quality of life, and can contribute to relationship breakdown and dysfunction.

It would seem that romance is a great cure to so many ills, not to mention the immediate pleasure of sharing special and intimate moments with someone you love.

What better way to stimulate the production of oxytocin and dopamines than to cruise over  picturesque Daylesford and its surrounding hamlets, nestled in the unspoilt Wombat Forest.  Follow this up with Prani Glow’s signature ‘I AM LOVE’ treatment, and you have the recipe for maintained emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health that beats anything else out there.

Enjoy the intimacy and wonder of watching the sun rise from above the clouds, and seeing the town and forest grow light under you.  With the silence and gentle drifting sensation, you could easily believe that you are the only ones in the world, and the balloon affords a panoramic view unavailable from an aircraft.

The highlight of this journey into sensual bliss and wellbeing is the delicious two and a half romantic body pampering, set in beautiful, tranquil surrounds, where the interferences and stresses of the world are left at the door.  

The feet are soaked in warm, scented water, then gently and expertly scrubbed, then the body is massaged with rose oil, one of the most romantic oils, so that not only are oxytocins released through touch, the highly evocative sense of smell is stimulated and gently aroused to release memories of happy summer days.  

A wild rose body scrub removes dead skin, and is followed by a nourishing rose clay mud body wrap, which uses real rose petals, nothing synthetic or artificial is used.

A botanical facial treatment and optional scalp massage with exotic oils not only improves the appearance of the hair and skin, but also leaves you and your partner floating on air, and ready to face the world together  with renewed love, and plenty of beneficial oxytocins and dopamines.