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Once again, summer is upon us, and for much of Victoria, it has come suddenly and with vengeance.

After such a long and mild spring, the sudden increase in temperature can have a quite detrimental impact upon the body, with the skin suffering most of all.

While we all tend to love the sun, enjoying its warmth, healing and cheering properties, it doesn’t always like us, especially after long periods spent covered up.  Not only can exposure to the sun cause damage to the skin through burning, but dehydration can cause damage to health and accelerate the effects of aging.  Even if we avoid the beach and use sunscreens,

sun damage can occur even while doing day to day activities, and simply being in a car can expose the face and hands to sun damage.

While the skin is a marvellous organ, the body’s largest organ, it is delicate, and prolonged exposure to the sun, even just being outdoors, can cause wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and a dry, tired appearance.  Dehydration can also cause feelings of fatigue, and slows down the body’s ability to heal itself.  We end up feeling sluggish, fatigued, and even irritable.

While there is no substitute for covering up and drinking plenty of water, it is not always practical, and there are few of us not somehow damaged by the sun.  While young, we tend not to see the accumulative damage until it is too late, and the wrinkles are setting in.

However, there is hope. There are steps that can be taken to sooth and heal the body, and help slow down the damage, or even help to prevent it.

At Prani Glow Day Spa a special treatment, Summer Soothing has been developed which not only soothes and relaxes, but helps to replenish and nourish sun affected skin.  Not only is the face treated to wonderful lotions and potions, included aloe, but the entire body soothed and rejuvenated with a French clay body wrap and hydration organic moisturiser.  This treatment is designed not only to make you feel better, calmer, refreshed, but also helps the skin repair itself, look younger and fresher, and can act as to delay the aging effects of summer sunlight.

A perfect remedy and preventative for skin of all ages, and a lovely way to spend a vacation out of the sun, in a shaded, quiet, cool oasis on a hot day……. or any day for that matter.

Your body and skin will thank you. ‘Summer Soothing’ body treatment is suitable for single and couples. More information http://www.praniglowdayspa.com.au/summersoothing

Summer skin at prani glow day spa