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Just as the trees change colour and prepare to shed their leaves in winter, so we too should look towards shedding our summer selves as we head into the cooler weather.

Summer’s dry weather and hot sun can leave us coated with layers of tired old skin, and the festive season can leave it’s impression on our bodies.  

While it is never possible to have too much fun, the body can suffer, and show signs of aging through overindulgence, overexposure to the sun, and overermersion in dehydrating sea water, and chlorinated pools.  Now is the time to reverse summer’s damages, and prepare to do it all over next year.

A purifying treatment is just the ticket to undo and reverse the effects of summer.  While nothing can turn back time,or even stop it, a purifying treatment can certainly help diminish the ravages of summer, and there’s nothing like a little healthy indulgence to lighten and refresh the soul, and cheer the spirit.

The feet, which work so hard for us, and which are either exposed to harsh sun, or suffocated in unbreathing socks and shoes, are soaked in a warm foot-bath, complete with essential oils to both relax and refresh.  A quick salt scrub helps to slough off dead skin, and stimulates blood flow.

A heavenly scalp massage stimulates blood flow and the lymphatic system, purifying the body from the top down, and helping the body to let go of summer time stresses and worries.

Dry skin, the result of harsh sun and dry winds, is gently exfoliated, revealing a fresher, cleaner you.  Hot towels stimulate the blood and lymph, and make the skin receptive to the light but nourishing body butter, soothing and replenishing.

Now that the body has been relieved of summer’s ravages, and made to feel younger and fresher, it’s the face’s turn with a purifying and rejuvenating facial.  As the face is usually what people take most notice of it’s important to look one’s best.  A facial can reduce the effects of overindulgence, pollution, sun-exposure, and late nights.  A purifying facial is not only good for the face, but good for the soul, as it makes us feel and look our best, and helps to remove damaging toxins and dead skin cells.


Leave feeling good from head to toe, and with a body free from summer damages and stresses.

You’ll feel lighter, cleaner, and ready to face it all again this Autumn.