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Prani glow’s Himalayan Foot Salt

The real taste of cold winter just begins in Hepburn Springs today. It was raining sleek with 3℃ average. Anything we can do to help in coping with this shock? Yes, we can. A very simple foot soak before bedtime can easily aid this chilling moment.

Winter is the best time for resting, regenerating and giving yourself a bit more care. Best time to do the soak is before going to bed. This kind of self-pampering doesn’t involve a lot at all. You just sit, relax and soak your feet while you’re reading books or listening to your favourite music.


• Hot water

• Bowl or bucket

• Comfortable seat

• Your favourite music 🙂

• 1 tablespoon Epsom salt or Himalayan salt (optional)

• 2-3 drops essential oil e.g. Lavender (optional)

Prepare hot water in a stainless steel or plastic bowl; you can even use a bucket that is big enough for your two feet. The water temperature should be around 40-50 ℃, soak your feet for approximately 20 minutes. Ideally, you may want hot water to cover above your ankles.

This simple activity can promote the blood circulation, hence warming your internal organs. It is not only stimulating the nerve endings of skin receptors, through the central nervous system but also promoting metabolism.

After a long walk or strenuous exercise, hot water can reduce the local accumulation of lactic acid, help to eliminate fatigue and aches. When you do a foot soak before bedtime, it creates inhibition of cerebral cortex so that it makes you sleep better.

Give it a try and enjoy well rested sleep!