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Our Energy healing treatments include Tarot Readings and Reiki healing in a safe and peaceful environment.

Tarot Energy Readings

Tarot has a long history, with the designs of 22 of its cards traceable as far back as 1440 AD.. However, it was not until centuries later that the cards began to be used as a tool of divination. After generations of input and adaptation, including the incorporation of mysticism and ancient wisdom from various religions and cultures, we have the tarot most readers use today.  It isn’t necessary to subscribe to any particular set of religious or spiritual beliefs to enjoy a tarot reading , or to benefit from the ancient wisdom it draws from.  

Tarot readers practice for years, getting to know the cards, and becoming attuned to them. Having a reading is a useful way to find clarity in an ever increasingly chaotic and ‘noisy’ world, and no problem or question is too small, or too big that some kind of answer or inspiration can be sought.  

Everything discussed during a session is confidential, and totally non judgemental . A reading is a great way to sort out confusion with some of the knotty, or not so not problems of modern life, or to simply put worries or doubts into words.  Not only that, it can be a lot of fun.

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